The Yukon River is 2,300 miles which ties it with the Mississippi River and Missouri River, only the Mackenzie River is longer at 2,600 miles. Yukon River Watershed begins in Canada a stream fed by the Llewellyn Glacier at the south end of Atlin Lake empting in Bering Sea of Alaska. Total drainage area 840,000 square kilometers (327,600 square miles). Of that, 323,800 square kilometers (126,300 square miles) is in Canada. A comparison, the total area is more than 25% larger than Texas or Alberta. There are 4 bridges across the Yukon River at the foot of Marsh Lake, in downtown Whitehorse, at Carmacks and on the Dalton Highway north of Livengood.
The Yukon River is the only Large River in North America that is flowing as it did, Wild going back more than 50 thousand years and before that the Yukon River ran south and east more than 2 million years ago.
For more information on the history of the Real People and of the Yukon River: Yukon River "Real Peoples" History, and for information on protecting the Yukon River contact The Yukon Inter-Tribal Watershed Council;

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