Tanana Village was called Nuchalawoya and located were the Tanana and Yukon Rivers meet the Old Village goes back 1500 years. Tanana's population is 240 people with 63 being students. People travel via the Yukon River and will build log floats to travel from Nenana to Tanana. Tanana's incredible history includes Old Mission Road going to Old Mission Hill which overlooks Tanana River empting into the Yukon River this is where the Tanana Village cemetery is located. On a good day you can see Fish Lake and Denali Mountain (North Americas highest Peak) Great fishing and hunting, Gold Mining, Incredible Wildlife Viewing and trails that take you to old Mission Church and White Alice Military Facility (Now closed and totally removed). Furs crafted into shoes, slippers, boots, ruffs, gloves and coats. Bead work is unique and Birch Bark Baskets are still produced.

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