Koyukuk Village was originally named Kiyu
which means Willow and at one time the Village sat on the mouth of the Koyukuk River and Yukon but has since been lost due to the Wild Super Natural Yukon River reclaiming the land. Eighty-six people live in Koyukuk and 12 are students.
Koyukuk High School Students attend boarding school in Nenana or Galena. Traditional ways are important to the Village and they include: Koyukuk Athabascan language which is taught in the school, Memorial Potlatch to recognize those who have passed, Subsistence hunting and fishing plus berry picking and trapping. Two Reserves boarder Koyukuk and Wildlife is available for photographing, hunting and fishing are attractive to those who come from different parts of the world. Artisans are available for Furs to be made into hats, coats, slippers, boots, ruffs, gloves, ear muffs and bead workers as well as Birch Bark Basket weavers work their magic. Dog Sled Driving is still popular and the Koyukuk Hill is a 900 foot climb that allows you to see all the way to Nulato and 360 degrees in any direction.

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