Louden is what Galena was called before moving to its present site in 1925, Louden was located 15 miles up the Yukon River and dated back 2,000 years. The name Galena comes from the ore. Galena is 45 miles from Nulato and is the largest Village on the Yukon River.
Population is 540 full time residents and 130 students. Local tributaries to the Yukon River include the Yuki River 25 miles away where traditional fish wheels and hunting are still incorporated, Kala (Klalay) Slough which is across from Galena, Bear Creek situated 15 miles down River from Galena and Chief Paul Slough which sits near Bishop Rock 20 miles down river. The Village of Huslia has a population of 350 people and is 90 miles away on Snow Machine Road and 250 miles away via Koyukuk River where the Huslia River empties. Artisans offer the following items: Fur Mukluk, fur and beaded slippers, fur and beaded coats, fur muffs, beaded works, carvings, Birch bark baskets and custom design work.

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