Alaska Yukon River Expedition offers trips for 4 - 6 individuals in a 24 foot Enclosed Yukon River boat. Expeditions will last two weeks and start in Circle Village ending in Holy Cross Village, A total of  (14) Villages will be visited.

Cost for two week Expedition $7,200 with all camping, breakfast, lunch and dinner, included. One week Expeditions are available and cost $4,200. Custom 3 day trips cost $2040.

Specialty Expeditions available. Contact: 907 953 2233 or email for cost and dates available.

The Alaska Yukon River Expedition is accepting reservations now.

Two week Expeditions begin every Saturday and June 1, 2008 will be the first, there are 18 two week Alaska Yukon River Expeditions.

One week Expeditions will begin will be the first, there are 17 one week Alaska Yukon River Expeditions.
Book early for best reservations especially for you Bird Viewers.

Three day Expeditions need to Contact: (907) 953 2233-Alaska or email us at
A calendar is below to assist you with planning.

Expeditions will begin June 1st and the last through September 30th.
Expedition 2011 Calendar Planner


Two week Alaska Yukon River Expedition $7,200
One Week Alaska Yukon River Expedition $4,200
3 Day Alaska Yukon River Expedition $2,040



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Alaska Yukon River Expedition

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