The village of Anvik goes back more than 1500 years and was moved to its present site 125 years ago. Its name goes back to the Russian word Anvig which means large water. Before moving to its present site Anvik was located at the mouth of the Anvik River where it flows into the Wild Super Natural Yukon River. The Christ Church Anvik Episcopal was founded by Dr. Chapman in 1887 and is the oldest Episcopal Church in Alaska. Anvik’s new school is called James Blackwell and was built in 1979. The population is 100 and 22 are students the High School students go to boarding schools in Galena or Nenana. The cultural make up is predominately Athabascan with a few non-navtive and Inupiaq plus Yupik. The Anvik has several fish camps and remnants from the original Village. The artisans offer more selection due to the Inupiaq and Yupik influences. Incredible Wildlife to photograph, Migratory Birds with fishing and hunting being the predominant way of subsistence. Trapping is also a means of earning additional dollars or making clothing for traditional survival.

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